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Jewelry for everyday, cherished forever

Founded in late 2021, Aiu Aio is a Copenhagen-based brand focusing on the modern woman’s everyday uniform.

Our aim is to infuse a timeless sophistication into every outfit, offering pieces that seamlessly integrate into the dynamic lifestyles of women. The collections embody our commitment to crafting versatile jewelry that effortlessly transition from day to night.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, we place equal emphasis on style and durability, guaranteeing that each piece can be treasured and worn time and time again


Designs med
enkelthed for øje

Vi designer tidsløse og enkle smykker, kvinder kan bære hver dag og til enhver lejlighed. 


Kvalitet og
bæredygtighed i fokus

Vi stræber konstant efter bæredygtighed og arbejder kun med sterling sølv, ædelsten og perler for at sikre den bedste kvalitet.


Stil er et
personligt valg

Vi skaber smykker som den stilbevidste kvinde kan style, så det passer til enhver smag og stil.  

Vores mission

Hver eneste dag arbejder vi for at inspirere kvinder til at leve deres bedste liv gennem vores univers, ved at skabe tidløse smykker i høj kvalitet til overkommelige priser.

We have heart in all we do,
with whom we do.

Vi tror på at man skal have hjertet med i alt man gør og foretager sig og med dem man foretager det med.

Jewelry is not fashion.
Jewelry is forever.

Smykker bør holde forevigt og ikke bare være en trending fase. Vi vil gerne skabe smykker der kan gå igen i generationer og som kan bære hver dag, til enhver lejlighed, resten af livet.

Everyone of us deserves a
little everyday luxury

Alle fortjener lidt luksus i hverdagen. Basic luxury kalder vi Aiu Aio smykker, fordi vi tror på, at kvinder fortjener lidt everyday luxury.

Bliv inspireret


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Designed with a spotlight on the finest materials, Aiu Aio jewelry transcends seasons. Each collection, our dedicated team designs and hand-select quality metals, such as sterling silver and gold plating.

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Designed with a spotlight on the finest materials, COS women’s jewellery transcends seasons. Each collection, our dedicated women’s jewellery team hand-select quality metals, such as recycled brass, gold plating and sterling silver, which are then carefully polished and sculpted into refined, outfit-defining pieces.

The women’s jewellery edit harmonises chunky hoop earrings for the everyday and pearl-adorned necklaces and brooches that nod to a maximalist sensibility.

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At Aiu Aio, you can pay for your items with various payment cards, MobilePay, Visa, and MasterCard. All prices on include VAT.


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